Sustainable / eco-friendly

sustainable materials Although the building industry is not known for its eco-friendly practices, we believe that there are many improvements that can address environmental issues and build a more sustainable future. We, at Dunne & Co try to promote the use of more eco-friendly materials and these are invariably compatible with the restoration work that we carry out, for example, in the use of traditional materials such as lime plaster, mortar and render, or insulation materials such as sheepswool.
Energy-efficiency is a priority both in construction methods / materials and also heating / electrical installations. New technology can offer many energy-saving solutions such as solar panels, carbon-neutral biomass boilers and stoves, etc.
In addition, our waste materials are recycled wherever possible. Spoil from sites that cannot be recycled is segregated. We have found that with a little thought, ecological working practices can both benefit our clients and offer cost effective solutions.

sustainable materials