Recent Publicity



We were recently featured in the Spring edition of the SPAB magazine, Cornerstone. The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings have published an extensive article about our recently completed project to save the historic Bird Cage Inn in Thame. The work also attracted the attention of the local newspaper, the Thames Gazette.

When we were called to help, the timber framework had deteriorated to such an extent, that we had to shore up parts of the structure had to prevent collapse. The damage has been largely caused by a hard sand/cement render which was added during the last century. This formed an impermeable barrier, trapping water in the timber frame and causing the timber to rot. Although the render was partially removed in 1948, many areas remained covered and were painted over, disguising the extent of the underlying damage. Since the building is of such historic importance, we worked closely with English Heritage and the conservation officer to plan the repairs and restoration. Oxford Building Records documented the building when we exposed the underlying structure. The original fabric of the building was preserved as much as possible, although the 14th century gable was so rotten that we had no choice but to rebuild, using the original materials where sound and replacing the rotten sections with new. Authentic materials and construction methods were used throughout to preserve the integrity of the building.
The 14th century listed building has a colourful history and boasts a resident ghost! Originally built as a market house, its undergone many changes over the years, with later additions to the building in the 16th century. The building was once used to house lepers and the Ghost of the Restless Soul is reputed to be a leper who was stoned to death in the market square. During the Napoleonic wars, the upper floor was used to retain French prisoners.
To read more, see Cornerstone Volume 33.
Magoos Bar in Henley-on-Thames has just been relaunched following our project to extend and refurbish. The recent Henley Regatta has attracted many visitors to Magoos and the new, extended facilities have attracted much favourable publicity, so our work has been advertised in the local magazines and newspapers, including the Henley Standard.
To read more about this historic listed building, see our News page.