Dunne & Co directly employ our own painters and decorators. Our team are trustworthy, reliable and skilled in all aspects of their trade, including all types of painting, paper hanging, wood finishes and other specialist finishes.




For external lime render, we always applied a traditional limewash, but recently, for most applications, we now recommend a silicate masonry paint. These paints are a relatively new development and they provide all the benefits of limewash, being fully breathable, with the added benefit of being much longer lasting. Although these paints are quite expensive, they provide a beautiful finish, require fewer coats and long-term, prove more economical.



 These two properties have both been decorated using silicate masonry paint. The thatched cottage is a timber frame construction with brick panels. The whole of the outside had been painted with a modern impermeable paint, causing damp problems internally, as the moisture within the walls was forced inwards. We stripped all the paint from both the brickwork and the timber beams, then redecorated using the silicate paint. The timbers were protected with an oil and beeswax formula. The result has cured the damp issues, revealed the beautiful timber framework and will protect the building for years to come.